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Sexy Shiz

August 2008



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Aug. 9th, 2008

Quiet Shiz

[OOC2] Connections, Timeline, Contact

So, one of the joys of having a less-developed character is doing the development yourself.  I have a way that I view Shizune, but I want your input on how other characters are tied to her (present and past).  Did they know each other before she left years ago with Tsunade or did they only meet after their return?  Were they genin teammates, childhood crush?  Did she save your life more than a few times and you now owe her your soul?  Are you friends once she's off duty and loosens up a bit?  I want to know your input so that we can have better interactions in logs and such.

I have more details to fill in for the timeline and connections, but I want to see how it matches up with other people's thoughts first.

Contact info is at the bottom of the post, so feel free to ping me in some manner and we can discuss!

Aug. 8th, 2008

Cute Shiz

[OOC] Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...the journal.

This is an RP journal belonging to malinear.  It is for use in the RP Community of second_advent.  If you are not a part of that community (ie: if you are someone from the previous community this journal was a part of), please do not comment here.

And if you are part of  second_advent and have not yet been added as a friend, well...blame Tsunade.  After all, Shizune is only one person and somebody has to make sure the work actually gets done. ^.^  If you leave a note with Tonton, she will amend the situation shortly.